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In order to retain economic expert witness services from Thomas Carroll & Associates, you may call our firm directly to begin the process of data collection and retention or you can fill out the appropriate on-line questionnaire. Once we receive the information, we will contact you directly for the data collection and retention. There are two types of reports you can choose from: (1) a preliminary report for $1,500 (applicable toward a full report) or (2) a full report. Retaining our firm means you will receive a full report. The fee to retain us as your economic expert witness is $3,500. This retention fee normally covers the entire cost of creating a report (such as a lost earnings report). If you would like to find out more about obtaining a preliminary report, a link is provided below. You may download and review examples of both reports by downloading them (.pdf) from the links to the left. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please review Dr. Carroll's resume; it is likely that his background qualifies him to testify as an economic or statistical expert in your case.  If you have questions, please call us at 702-263-8044.

Although the $3,500 normally covers the cost of the report, there will be additional charges for testimony at deposition or trial.

Our reports clearly explain each of our calculations and provide clear and concise justification for each of our opinions.  Our reports typically contain 10 pages of text and 40 pages of supporting tables and statistical evidence.

If you are not aware yet, we have a less expensive option ($1,500) for those who want to start with a preliminary figure before deciding on full retention.


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