Lost Earnings Example Report Explained
(Preliminary Report)

Why a preliminary report?

There is a wide range of differences in cases from one to another. The particular details surrounding a case make all the difference when calculating lost earnings. Many times, before we see an economic loss figure, we are fairly certain there is economic loss to be had. However, estimating how much that figure should be can be tricky. This is why we offer a second, less expensive, option to those who are thinking about retaining us as an expert witness but are unclear about what kind of losses their case might yield. For $1,500, we will calculate lost earnings the very same way we would do for our full report and retainer option. Though, in the preliminary report, we provide you with just the summary of statistics, which is page 12 from the full report example available for download on this page. The summary of statistics includes all the calculated totals of economic loss for each type of loss (earnings, household services, quality of life) and for each likely scenario (temporarily or partially permanently disabled.) With this preliminary report, a client should be able to determine whether a full retainer will be necessary. Some cases are much more obvious than others and a full retainer is the obvious choice. Other times, however, this preliminary report option might be just the thing you need to help during your litigation process.

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