Dr. Carroll's Expert Fees and Retainer Fees

The following are our consulting and retention fees. Typically the retention fee covers nine hours of Dr. Carroll's time and five hours of support staff time.  In especially complex cases that require more time, we will bill you after exhausting the retainer.  We will contact you before we bill beyond the retainer. Remember, you are compensating us for our time, not for the conclusions we reach.  A preliminary analysis allows you to determine whether the facts support your client's claim.  This may also be a good option if a case is close to settlement.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Description Amount
Report Retainer $3,500
Preliminary Analysis (summary of calculations only) $1,500
Retainer for Construction Defect Cases $1,500
Life-Care Plan Analysis $1,500
Expedited Case (Within two weeks of retention) $1,000 (additional to retainer)
Dr. Carroll's Time $350 per hour
Statistician's Time $100 per hour
Associate Economist's Time $75 per hour
Data Entry, Clerical Assistance $50 per hour
Travel Time within Las Vegas (1 hour minimum) $350 per hour
Travel Time outside Las Vegas (1 day minimum) $1000 per day
Deposition Testimony (1 hour minimum) $450 per hour
Trial Testimony (1 hour minimum) $450 per hour

**Do not designate without proper retention. Retainers are non-refundable