A little about us...

Dr. Thomas Carroll has provided objective statistical and economic analysis in tort cases in Las Vegas and the rest of the country since 1988. As the president and chief economist at Thomas Carroll and Associates, he uses state-of-the-art statistical and forecasting tools to estimate or evaluate damage claims in a wide variety of cases: personal injury, wrongful death, business damage, construction defect, discrimination and wrongful termination. He has testified at trial in over 100 cases in Nevada, California, Idaho and Wyoming. Although we are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have helped with cases all throughout the United States. With 40 years of experience as an economics educator, Dr. Carroll can provide a preliminary estimate of economic loss, or provide a complete report for deposition and trial.

Retain an Economist

$3,500 (retainer)
Hire an economic expert.

With a $3,500 retainer fee, Dr. Carroll will write up an extensive report which calculates economic losses and, where appropriate, hedonic or punitive damages. These documents satisfy all Nevada requirements for expert reports. His analysis link the victim's history with a statistical analysis of how income or profit changes over time, as people age and the economy experiences booms and busts. His objectivity is reflected in the frequency with which he is retained by plaintiffs' and defense attorneys. Please review our consulting fees for more information about costs associated with depositions, trial testimony, etc. More information about a full retainer>>

Preliminary Analysis

Need some numbers first?

For attorneys just beginning the discovery process, we can estimate economic damages or review the loss estimate from another expert. By paying only $1,500 and providing the basic facts of the case,  Dr. Carroll will produce a preliminary estimate that, while not providing the documentation that a complete support provides, will  provide useful information for the early litigation process. In the event of full retention, the $1,500 fee for the preliminary estimate will be applied to the cost of the complete report.  More information about a preliminary analysis>>